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Your employer likely takes great care to provide high-quality services to clients and customers, produce quality products and watch its bottom line. Does your employer take similar care to follow employment laws and treat you and other employees legally and fairly?

At the Long Beach and Los Angeles, California, employment and discrimination law firm of Lyon Law, we work to protect the rights of employees facing discrimination and other legal challenges in the workplace. Contact us if you have you experienced the following at work:

Numerous state and federal laws exist to protect your employment rights:

  • If you were the victim of a crime you are entitled to visit a district attorney or investigator during working hours
  • Your employer is legally obligated to release you for jury duty and trial testimony without retaliation
  • Discrimination due to being married or single is illegal
  • Your employer is legally obligated to allow you at least 30 hours per year to deal with school-related issues relating to your child, including picking up a sick child from school, or attending parent/teacher conferences
  • You are legally allowed to use half of your paid sick leave to care for sick family member

Contact our firm regarding any questions or suspicions of employer-sanctioned and employer-tolerated discrimination. In a recent case, our client worked with his cousins, who were envious of his live-in girlfriend's income. Even though he was not legally married, his co-workers/cousins perceived a marital relationship. Our client was pleased to find out that such “marital status” discrimination and harassment is illegal, even when based on the employer’s erroneous perception. To discuss your employment discrimination questions, contact our firm for a no-charge discussion.

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