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At the Long Beach and Los Angeles, California, employment law firm of Lyon Law we practice employment law exclusively. We can handle every aspect of your case, from assessing your legal options to mediating or litigating for results that meet your objectives, helping you navigate a stressful process.

No Company Too Big

All firms, from mom-and-pop corner stores to national and international corporations, must abide by state and federal employment laws. We have fought and beaten dozens of employers in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. We have helped employees treated unfairly by:

  • Aerospace companies
  • Entertainment, advertising and broadcasting companies
  • Defense companies
  • Real estate and construction companies
  • Automotive, sales, finance, banking and mortgage companies
  • The City and County of Los Angeles, and numerous city, county and government agencies
  • Local school districts
You Pay Only If We Win

When you hire Lyon Law to handle your employment law claim, we charge a fee only if we win. We advance expenses relating to your case, including costs relating to depositions, mediation, filing and travel. Also, unlike many other firms, our fee of one-third of recovered funds does not rise if your case moves from settlement negotiations or mediation into the courtroom. Our record of success is backed by the millions of dollars in compensation we have secured for clients who were wronged by their employers. (Past performance is not a prediction or guarantee regarding the outcome of your matter.)

Contact Us

It is important to get exceptional legal guidance before making any decisions regarding your possible employment law case. Our consultations have no charge and you don’t pay us anything unless you win. We will also advance any legal fees and expenses necessary for your case. You can contact us during business hours or make a special appointment if you need us to accommodate evening or weekend appointments. We are located just off the 710 freeway. To contact us call (310) 818-7700 or through this website via the box conveniently found on the upper left-hand corner.