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The Long Beach and Los Angeles, California, employment law firm of Lyon Law is a leading employment law firm that serves the entire Los Angeles area, the San Fernando Valley, Orange County and all of Southern California.

Los Angeles employment attorney Geoffrey Lyon brings an abundance of legal experience to each employment law case. He has practiced employment law since 1992. Additionally, Mr. Lyon:

  • Aggressively litigated hundreds of cases through his 30+ years of civil law practice
  • Won millions of dollars for employees who receive unlawful treatment in the workplace
  • Thousands of depositions, mediations and court appearances
  • Dozens of trials and arbitrations
  • Hundreds of employment cases
  • Is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association and National Employment Lawyers Association, and is a former legal instructor.
Have You Experienced Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation or Termination in the Workplace?

When wrongful and unlawful conduct occurs at work, your employer will not treat others fairly in the future. Your employer should be held accountable for its unlawful behavior and be made to provide monetary restitution for inexcusable and unlawful treatment of employees.

At Lyon Law, our Los Angeles employment lawyers have a long history of fiercely litigating on behalf of employees and winning favorable outcomes. We handle every element of your case, from filing the original complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing to requesting evidence from the employer through discovery requests, drafting and opposing motions, and appearing at all court and alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediations.

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It is important to get exceptional legal guidance before making any decisions regarding your possible employment law case. Our consultations have no charge and you don’t pay us anything unless you win. We will also advance any legal fees and expenses necessary for your case. You can contact us during business hours or make a special appointment if you need us to accommodate evening or weekend appointments. We are located just off the 405 freeway. To contact our Los Angeles employment lawyers, call (562) 426-2112 or through this website via the box conveniently found on the upper left-hand corner.

Selected Results*
$1,000,000 - Age related disability termination
$875,000 - Age related disability termination
$790,000 - Age related disability termination
$730,000 - Age-related disability termination
$620,000 - Race and sex harassment of multiple employees
$615,00 - Sexual harassment and termination - jury verdict, punitive damages and attorney fee's award
$383,000 - Sex related battery by boss - jury verdict including punitive damages
$345,000 - Termination for taking FMLA medical leave - settled after jury trial
$340,000 - Termination for complaint of sexual harassment - arbitration award
$325,000 - Age-related disability termination
$280,000 - Termination for needing medical leave and disability accommodations
$270,000 - Medical leave termination
$255,000 - Termination after disability leave - settlement after jury trial
$235,000 - Age related disability termination - settled on eve of jury trial
$220,000 - Race harassment and disability discrimination
$210,000 - Same-sex harassment and battery by supervisor, with termination
$200,000 - Sexual orientation harassment and stress-disability discrimination
$200,000 - Termination for exceeding 12 weeks' FMLA medical leave
$175,000 - Sexual harassment and termination
$125,000 - Medical leave termination
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"Very grateful to have worked with Lyon Law. They never left my side through the most difficult parts of my case and the staff was excellent. In particular, Diana Gonzalez was very patient and understanding." Armando C.
"The quality of service I received was fabulous and Mr. Lyon was unbelievable. That man has got an unbelievable memory and the jurors that I spoke with after my trial were also impressed by his memory and skill. Everyone in the office is extremely courteous and friendly. I would say my overall satisfaction was a 10/10." Cheryl T.
"My experience was easy and not as stressful as I thought, I'm just glad it's behind us. Thank you guys." Colby B.
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