Wrongful Termination Lawyers San Francisco

Discrimination Attorneys for the San Francisco Area

When you need top wrongful termination lawyers in the San Francisco area, you can count on Lyon Law to provide experienced discrimination attorneys to guide you through the process of pursuing a successful outcome. You want employee lawyers who can show even the largest corporate employers they cannot discriminate against individual employees based on medical conditions, disabilities, race, sex, sexual orientation or in retaliation for opposing sexual harassment.

Employee Attorneys With a Strong Track Record

Lyon Law provides diligent wrongful termination attorneys and discrimination lawyers who have a strong track record against even the largest corporate employers in obtaining compensation for our clients' lost wages and emotional distress. Although past performance is not a guaranty of future success, our employment lawyers have litigated hundreds of wrongful termination, employment discrimination and sexual harassment claims for 30 years, recovering millions for our clients.

No Recovery-No Fee; Free Consult

We work on contingency and advance litigation costs. We are paid only out of the settlement or judgment. If you don't recover anything, you owe us nothing (but on average about 90% of all cases settle without the need for trial). Even our consultation is free. Call today at (310) 818-7700. Call now!